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Ceramics for Soccer Co.

A 501(c)(3) non-profit created by Matthew Wich

(Art)Works for Change

Ceramics for Soccer Co. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization developed by Matthew Wich, a Trumbull High School student. He is looking to help impoverished communities in developing countries gain access to the resources needed to play the "beautiful game" of soccer. Ceramics for Soccer believes in Nelson Mandela's quote "Sport has the power to change the world," and recognizes the power sports have on economic development and global health. Wich aims to achieve this goal by selling handmade ceramic art that he has created.

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Soccer has the power to aid in development, and change the world, just like Nelson Mandela said. To learn more, click the link below.

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Ceramics for Soccer donates 100% of profits to charities that have set up connections to impoverished children who want to play soccer. Check out our partner, the Aspiras Foundation below.

To learn more about the company's mission and Matthew Wich, click the link below.

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Ceramics for Soccer X Aspiras Foundation

Ceramics for Soccer is proud to announce its partner, the Aspiras Foundation. The Aspiras Foundation is a well-established, successful

501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is "to aid children in need through soccer, education, and social inclusion to ultimately bring a better future for them and their communities." Their focus is on trying to build up the community, not just the individual, in implementing programs such as, "sports psychology, Spanish or English comprehension, and training for coaches, teachers, and parents to develop strong youth." Ceramics for Soccer and the Aspiras Foundation share the same vision, to help every child, regardless of economic status, be able to achieve their goals and dreams. 100% of all profits and donations will go directly to the Aspiras Foundation. To learn more about the Aspiras Foundation, click the link above.


"Trumbull teen uses love of ceramics, soccer to help others"


"Once he learned about Aspiras, and the role that soccer can play in molding kids’ lives, he wanted to help. And ceramics seemed like a good way to do it."


Ceramics for Soccer's Founder Matthew Wich Won New England Revolution Hero of the Match on July 30, 2022

So How Can I Help?

How do you fit in? By donating below, or buying a ceramic piece from Ceramics for Soccer Co., you are helping a child in poverty gain access to the equipment they need to play and enjoy soccer.

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